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 and Overview

The consequences of drug and alcohol abuse in the United States are enormously costly. Although the costs can be evaluated in dollars, they are more readily understood in human terms: family, discord, neglect, of children, personal misery, financial straits, medical problems, fetal alcohol syndrome, HIV infection, legal problems, incarceration, automobile accidents, lower work productivity, and job loss and the list goes on.
Combating and reducing the source of these problems have proved to be difficult indeed, but one of the most straightforward and noncontroversial ways is to provide effective treatment drug abusers.

If you see a family member, a friend or a relative falling into an addictive patterns of substance abuse, you should do your bit to help them fall out of this self-destructive habit. There are major symptoms of substance abuse that you need to look for. This includes mental changes, behavioral changes, a difference in one's appetite, isolation and secrecy.

The purpose of going to alcohol and drug abuse treatment is to give yourself the meaningful life that you deserve and can achieve by maintaining a lifestyle of sobriety and free of drugs.

Traditional Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
The program offers a one hour and fifteen minutes weekly session. The duration of this treatment is
typically a 6 to a 24 week outpatient treatment program.

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