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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the DUI classes cost?
$40.00 per class. Each class lasts 2 hours.

What effect will this DUI or DWAI have on my Colorado Driver's License and how do I get my drivers license back?
A DUI can affect a person's Colorado state driving privileges depending on an individuals driving record, BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and prior drinking and driving offenses.  Please call (303) 205-5613 to find out the specific requirements and criteria needed for your license reinstatement.

How do I get started with my community service hours?
Please call (970) 328-7741 ext. 420 to contact Dana Styles the Eagle County Community Service Hours Coordinator.
Lake County Community Service Hours Coordinator Roe Mooney Phone #: (719) 486-2437 ext. 10
Garfield County Community Service Hours Coordinator Ardith Knipe (970) 945-6700

Where and when is the Victim Impact Panel?
500 Broadway St. Eagle County Building in Eagle, CO. 

The cost is $40.00

Registration for the panel is from 6:30-7:00PM. 
The duration of the panel is from 7:00-9:00PM. 

Monday, May, 4th   
Monday, July, 13th
Monday, September, 14th.

Where and when is the Immigrant in America Seminar?

Methodist church located at 138 Howard street in Eagle, CO. 

5:45-6:00Pm Registration. Class 6:00-8:00Pm. 

The cost is$75.00 Dlls.

What is a Level II Education Program?
This is a 24 hour education program (12 Classes Total) for persons who have been convicted of driving while their blood alcohol level went beyond legal limits or while they were under the influence of a drug other than alcohol. This program focuses on the health as well as legal effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Materials used in this program are web based learning and Driving with Care (Alcohol or other Drugs and Driving Safety Education Participant Workbook).   
What is a Track A, B, C, or D  Therapy (out-patient treatment) Program
(What's therapy and how is it different from Education)?
Track A.  This is a 24 hour education plus a 42 hours/21 weeks therapy program. A time frame of 66 hours approximately 7-8 months.
Track B.  This is a 24 hour education plus a 52 hours/26 weeks therapy program. A time frame of 76 hours 
approximately 8-9 months.
Track C.  This is a 24 hour education plus a 68 hours/34 weeks therapy program. A time frame of 92 hours
approximately 10-11 months.
Track D.  This is a 24 hour education plus a 86 hours/43 weeks therapy program. A time frame of 110 hours
approximately 12-13 months.

The therapy program may be started only after completion of the 12 driving with care (alcohol and driving safety education sessions) are completed.  Materials used in the therapy hours are web based as well as the Driving With Care Therapy (DWC) book.  DWC Therapy is built on the idea that we make changes in our actions by changing how we think and by changing the attitudes and beliefs that support our thinking.  The goals of this treatment are preventing recidivism and relapse. 

Am I able to attend a class more than once a week?
The Division of Behavioral Health (Formerly Known as (ADAD) Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division) do not allow attendance of treatment exceeding one time per week in the Education and Therapy component.  Education may be completed in intervals of attendance consisting of 3 hours per week (completing in 8 weeks) or in intervals of 2 hours per week (completing in 12 weeks) but Therapy may only be completed in intervals of 2 hours per week.  Any deviation from these rules must be authorized by the probation officer, treatment provider and Division of Behavioral Health Field Supervisor such as in cases that meet the specific criteria for intensive outpatient treatment.  

Am I able to attend classes here if my DUI case is from another state?
Yes. Please contact the Edwards Office Location (970)926-8196 to receive the Interstate Compact Instruction and Registration Packet.  Colorado Counseling, Inc. staff are trained to transfer your treatment to this state via the Interstate Compact.    

What if I am unable to attend one of the regularly scheduled weekly groups listed due to my work hours?
Please call the Eagle Office (970) 328-2042 to obtain information about alternate group meetings or to find out if there are any new class times.

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