Colorado Counseling, Inc.
Providing Solutions to Individuals and Families

Adolescent Counseling

The Adolescent Counseling Program (ACP) offers affordable out-patient assessment, treatment and education for teens and their families in and around the Western Slope community. 

The Adolescent Counseling Program:

  • Provides a nurturing and challenging environment where clients can maximize their potential
  • Reaches out to local teens by proactive addressing issues of immediate importance to a diverse youth population
  • Encourages clients' growth toward academic and social success through enhancing self-esteem and interpersonal skills
  • Provides the highest standard of care in the provision of psychological services

What Can We do For You:
We have expertise to assist teens and their families who are experiencing abusive behaviors (sexual, physical, and/or emotional) anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, poor self-esteem, negative self-image, self-destructive behaviors, gender and sexual identity issues. Adolescent behaviors significantly impact the entire family. We can help.


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